Breyer Horse History: The End of Just About Horses

An end of an era is what can be said of the final issue of Just About Horses. In Fall 2011  the last issue of this iconic hobby publication will be printed and as we say goodbye there are many fond memories to be remembered for this hobby changing publication as well as many doors opened with technology!

In 1975 Just About Horses was first published as a simple one page flyer with tidbits about Breyer, their horses and the hobby. It quickly evolved from a one page publication to a two page publication. In 1979 Just About Horses had grown into a small format magazine with even more hobby information and hobbyists were jumping to get a subscription!

Just About Horses, or JAH for short, was one of the first hobby publications and in the 1970’s hobbyists depended on publications and letters between other hobbyists to receive information.  Without technology the hobby was much different and depended on print publications to grow! The only way to find out about model horse shows, models for sale and to connect with other hobbyists was through hobby publications like JAH.

In the 1980’s JAH found itself with more color and more pages! 1n 1987 Just About Horses went to five issues a year. In 1990 Breyer created a sensation with the first Breyerfest and and the only way to find out about it was in Just About Horses. Ticket, travel and other info was only available through JAH and gave way to Breyerfest as we know it! Ever since hobbyists anxiously await the first JAH of the year with the all important Breyerfest information!

In 1995 JAH began being published six times a year and has been up until this year. With the advent of technology Breyer will be ceasing publication of JAH at the end of 2011 ending 36 years of the magazine. Breyer will be staying in touch with hobbyists through their own website, Facebook and Twitter giving hobbyists up to the minute information on all things Breyer.

Stable News and Golden Oak Stables will keep you in the loop with all of the latest Breyer news as always, so there’s no need to go far to keep in touch with everything you need to know about Breyer! The times are changing but with Stable News you don’t have to go far!


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