Breyer Horse Collecting: How Do You Pick Your Next Horse?

With dozens and dozens of horses at Golden Oak Stables, choosing your newest horse can be a difficult task!  The vast amounts of breeds, scales and colors make it hard for everyone to pick their next horse, what about you?

Collections vary from one person to another, some collect all of one scale, all of one color or all of one breed, which makes it a little easier for that person to pick a new model. Many collectors, like myself, have a varied collection, so its not that easy!

Its best to set aside your own set of criteria so that you can pick the best model to add to your collection. One of the best ways to start is to pick your favorite Breyer molds and try to add those to your collection. Collecting all of one mold is very popular and many collectors do this! Its fun to see your favorite horse in a new color and can be challenging and exciting to try to add all of one model to your collection and very exciting when Breyer releases a new color!

Running a close second for most popular way to collect is collecting one size and the most popular size next to traditionals are stablemates. These small guys pack a lot of detail and character! Although large, traditionals are the most popular Breyer scale and new models and molds are released every year!  All of Breyer’s scales are sculpted by the top artists in the hobby and come packed with details and realistic paint jobs, so picking a scale can be difficult to stick to!

Picking a breed or a type of horse to collect can be very fun and rewarding, a stable full of ponies or championship warmbloods can recreate the experience of owning your own show barn! Bringing the excitement of showing to the model horse show arena can be rewarding too with your own breed stable full of champions!

These are just a few of many different ways to being to choose what to add to your collection, but there’s one more thing to think about when picking your new model, and its the most important. Go with what your gut tells you. The horse that captures your heart before you buy it is probably going to capture your heart when you bring him home to your stable! It may seem difficult to pick a new horse when there are so many to choose from, but when you choose with your heart you’ll never go wrong!

So who’s coming home to your stable this fall? The fast and flashy Thoroughbred Sato? The large and in charge Kong? Or maybe the sweet pony Apple Jack? Who captures your heart?


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