Real Life Breyer Horses: TS Black Tie Affair

Arabian style with a bright black and white coat, TS Black Tie Affair has taken the horse world by storm with not only his stunning looks but also with his amazing world champion winnings! This amazing stallion has galloped his way into the Pinto horse as well as the Breyer horse world with a new model that showcases this amazing horse!

TS Black Tie Affair

Owned and trained by Jan Sharpe, this 7/8ths Arabian has a striking black and white tobiano pattern that is nearly half black and half white, a highly desirable pattern. Taking on a myriad of disciplines, TS Black Tie Affair has championed in everything from Dressage to Western Pleasure to Equitation. This stallion really is one that can do it all! Winning 22 Pinto Horse World Championships TS Black Tie Affair really shows the versatility of the horse and the Arabian. In 2010 he was honored with a huge honor, the Arabian Horse Association Ambassador Award! Truly a gentile and intelligent stallion, TS Black Tie Affair now impresses the crowd with tricks, showing that this stallion can’t be stopped!

Greeting His Fans at Breyerfest 2011!

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring this impressive stallion to you! New for Mid-Year 2011, TS Black Tie Affair is created on the very popular Huckleberry Bey model sculpted by Kathleen Moody. Showing his bold persona and Arabian flare, Huckleberry Bey is the perfect portrait model for this amazing horse.

TS Black Tie Affair was a guest horse at Breyerfest 2011 and was kind as can be to all his fans despite being a stallion! He performed tricks and wowed the crowds with his owner and even did a few circus tricks like standing on a platform, no easy task for a horse!

TS Black Tie Affair Showing Off a Trick!

Breyer finds a way to bring the best horses in the world to all of our stables just like TS Black Tie Affair. Not your typical show horse, this black and white Arabian cross brings a stunning flash of color to the show ring as well as versatility that very horses possess!


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