Breyer Horse New Releases: Sato the Colorful Thoroughbred

July 21, 2011

Many people recognize Thoroughbreds as bay, chestnut or even gray, but did you know the spectrum of the Thoroughbred reaches all throughout the horse rainbow! Breyer has taken one of the most colorful Thoroughbred horses, who is flashy as can be, and has recreated him as a Breyer model that will change everyone’s idea of the modern day Thoroghbred.

Hailing from Blazing Color’s Farm, Sato is a bright and flashy palomino sabino Thoroughbred. With flashy markings beyond compare, this gorgeous horse stands out in a sea of chestnut and bay Thoroughbreds. His sire was the famous Puchilingui who has produced many brightly colored and flashy sabino Thoroughbreds.

Sato at Breyerfest 2011

Registered with the Jockey Club, Sato is a fully registered Thoroughbred. While it might seem odd for such a bright Thoroughbred to  be a full Thoroughbred, did you know that there are many colors that they can be? Thoroughbreds can come in just about any color any other horse can come in including palomino, buckskin and grey! They can also come in one of many pinto patterns but most commonly sabino like Sato. The one color Thoroughbreds cannot be is roan, where the head and legs are darker and the body is flecked with white hairs. Sometimes a grey horse can be confused with a roan but to this day no roan gene has been found in the the Thoroughbred gene pool.

Breyer’s Sato is flashy and gorgeous all in one package. Created on the Cigar mold, Sato is a near exact copy of his real life counterpart. The bright flashy and slightly metallic palomino has large patches of white sabino markings. His extended position depict a Thoroughbred as he reaches for the finish line.

Don’t miss out on this stunning brightly colored Thoroughbred from Golden Oak Stables. Sato is not only one of the most flashy Thoroughbred out there but also the flashiest that Breyer has ever produced! Who knew that Thoroughbreds could come in so many colors and with such beautiful and stunning markings? Sato and Breyer did!


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