Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest 2011

Everyone is on their way home, cars are packed and the horses are being packed into their trailers for a long drive home. Breyerfest 2011 has come and gone in a flurry of excitement and the fun filled weekend will be remembered by all!

By Thursday of last week hundreds of model horse hobbyists had made their way to Lexington, KY and were already taking over the host hotel, the Clarion. With the opening of the Artisans Gallery and Breakables at Breyerfest Live Show taking place on Thursday, events for the weekend got underway!

Guest horses filled the weekend, including the celebration horse, Pecos! Pecos is a world class Andalusian who is beautiful as can be! He was joined by the colorful Thoroughbred Sato who was a crowd favorite, Black Tie Affair the black and white 7/8ths Arabian who entertains wherever he goes and Kripton Seni! Breyer also brought many other horse presentations to entertain, including combined driving, miniature horses and the ever popular, pony games!


Pecos, the Breyerfest Celebration Horse


TS Black Tie Affair Entertaining the Crowd!



Two horse shows were highlights of the weekend for the nearly 300 attendees of both shows! Dozens of horses were crowned as Breyerfest Champions and hundreds got the pleasure of going home as a winner!

Prizes at the Breyerfest Open Live Show

Saturday night brought a costume contest with dozens of entrants that wowed the crowd and even a few that made the crowd laugh! The benefit auction on Saturday that benefited some very deserving charities brought in an astonishing amount with horses demanding some of the highest prices ever! With one of a kind horses that were beautiful as can be, its no surprise that it was such a successful year for Breyer and all of its charities!

The weekend also held seminars, workshops and demonstrations that encompassed all aspects of the hobby, from introductions into the world of customizing to equine color genetics, there truly were events for anyone of all ages! The Hobby Information Booth was staffed all weekend with real hobbyists that shared their skills with everyone.

Attendees learning how to straighten bent legs on their models.

Breyerfest 2011 is truly one for the record books, stay tuned with Golden Oak Stables for more coverage from this amazing weekend!. Mark your calendars, Breyerfest is back in 2012! Breyerfest British Invasion will take the Kentucky Horse Park by storm on July 20th, 21st and 22nd, don’t miss it!


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