Breyer Horse Events: The History of Breyerfest

Breyerfest is celebrating its 22nd year this year and in two decades this once small event has turned into an event that brings in collectors from all over the world!

The first Breyerfest took place in 1990, when Breyer came out the Kentucky horse park and it was unknown what to expect. The celebration horse that year was Doctor Peaches, a famous eventer, and a little over 1000 people made their way to Kentucky for that first event. Some things have stayed the same from that  fateful event, the raffle began that first year with a gold florentine ( Gold dapple) Misty model.

In the coming year Breyer experimented a bit trying something different in 1991, four Breyerfests held in different parts of the country! While successful, Breyer found its way back to Kentucky in 1993 which has been the only place for Breyerfest since.

In the mid 1990’s they began what would become one of the most prestigious shows in the nation, the Breyerfest live show. It all began as a little model horse show that took place in the dirt arena floor. Now encompassing two days and three shows total, Breyerfest Live has an adult “Open” division as well as a “Children’s” and “Youth” show. Each of these shows bring in huge amounts of people and many consider them the most competitive in the nation! All from very humble beginnings in the dirt of the indoor arena.

In the late 1990’s one of the most iconic parts of Breyerfest would come to fruition, the Breyerfest Special Runs. The first few years for special runs were simply a first come first served event where people would wait for hours upon hours in the heat for their chance at an exclusive model. Now a system of ticketing and numbering make it easy and fair for all and there are many more special runs to go around.

Back at the host hotel, once the Holiday Inn North, now the Clarion Hotel, the rooms have been taken over by hobbyists that sell from their rooms and hang out until all hours of the night! Also at the Clarion is an Artisan’s Gallery which showcases the creative artists of the hobby as well as a swap meet. Lastly the Clarion plays host to a more recent addition to Breyerfest, Breakables Live, an all china show!

Breyerfest may have had humble beginnings, but the wonderful and fun event that it has evolved into is one no collector should miss! It has been and always will be the best place for a model horse collector to visit!


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