Breyer Horse Showing: Summer Break Live 2011

Its that time again! Mark your calendars and dust your horses off, its time for Summer Break Live hosted by Golden Oak Stables!

August 27th is Golden Oak Stables’s annual summer all novice show! Catering only to novices and youth as only Golden Oak Stables can do, Summer Break Live is a day full of fun and excitement for all novice and youth model horse collectors.  Linda Carrier has put together a wonderful show with a class list that encompasses all facets of the model horses hobby.

The largest division is Original Finish Halter which is where most Breyers that have not been altered show. In Original Finish Halter horses are placed on the table just as they’ve come from Breyer and are judged based on their breed characteristics. Showers pick a name and breed for their horse and then the judge places them based on how close that horse looks like the real thing. Real life breed standards are used by the judge to make their placings.

There are also classes for custom painted horses, this division is called the Customized Division. This division has two separate smaller divisions, one for customs by professionals and one for customs that are made by the entrant. This allows both to compete on an even level and gives showers a friendly division to show their own work.

Performance is the third division, and is for creating the most realistic scenes possible! In these classes entrants will take tack and props and make scenes trying to mimic a real horse performing that act. English, western and harness events are included and ready for your creative touch!

Lastly, the fourth division is collectibility. This division focuses on rewarding rare and collectible Breyers. Horses in these classes are judged against each other and then placed on their rarity, desirability, age and condition. Variations, vintage models and other rare models are popular entries but anything goes!

There’s also fun classes, fun day activities like Stablemate painting and games as well as the best shopping you’ll find anywhere! Don’t miss this end of the summer staple with Golden Oak Stables!


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