Real Life Breyer Horses: American Breeds

As we celebrate our independence on July 4th we can also celebrate all of the special breeds of horse that have come from America since our first day of independence!

The breeds of America are wide and varied and have been bred and evolved to meet the needs of a new country with a varied landscape as well as varied jobs! People across America need horses for different purposes!

In New England, a horse that could go to town and carry the family was important to many. From Springfield Massachusetts, the Morgan horse was born. Useful for riding, competing and as an overall family horse, the Morgan horse is a compact and agile riding horse that now finds its home as a family horse and competitive riding horse. The Morgan is quick to learn and adapts well to just about anything thrown at it! Golden Oak Stables brings you a grey Morgan named Baxter full of Morgan style and grace.

The west proved to be a harsher terrain than the east and caused a hardy horse to evolve from its mountains, deserts and pains. The Nez Perce bred the Appaloosa horse for its beautiful spotted coat but the original spotted horses came from conquistadors that traveled to America from Europe where the pattern originated. The Appaloosa we know today can excel at nearly every sport and comes in patterns that vary just as a much. Buttercup and Twilight are two sweet Appaloosa foals that show the future of the breed in America today!

From the island of Chincoteague, Misty and Stormy are American icons from the pages of Marguerite Henry’s novels. On this Virginia island a herd of wild ponies have evolved and live in the wild aside from one weekend a year when they are swam to shore to be auctioned. Young girls and boys live their dream of having their very own pony each year during the annual Pony Penning festival when people from all over the world come to bid on these lovely ponies. Many are spotted but it is not a requirement of the breed. Misty and Stormy are the two most famous Chincoteague ponies and have been in the Breyer lineup for almost 35 years straight! A testament to how popular they are!

American breeds of horses are special in many ways, celebrate these special breeds with Golden Oak Stables and fill your stable with a patriotic team of horses!


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