Breyer Horse Events: Breyerwest 2011

Looking for a reason to go to the wonderful city of San Francisco? What about an excuse to visit the Grand National Rodeo? How about a weekend full of Breyer horses? Well your wish is granted! Breyer is taking over San Francisco and the Grand National Rodeo with Breyerwest 2011!

October 21st and 22nd are the dates for the biggest Breyer event to hit the West Coast! Being held in conjunction with the Grand National Rodeo, the events will be endless for this wonderful event. Shopping galore will be only part of the fun with vendors abound to get your shopping fix. There are dozens of real horse events taking place too including an AQHA show and rodeo events.

Breyer will host two shows, an open show and a novice show on Friday and Saturday. Each event will bring competitors from around the country to compete for exclusive prizes and bragging rights. In past years Breyer has also hosted workshops and seminars about the model horse hobby with the hobby’s top artists and hobbyists! If you can’t make it to Breyerfest, this is a great event for you!

An exciting event for the West Coast, Breyerwest is a wonderful event that Breyer has been bringing to us for a few years now and it grows bigger and bigger each year! This year, teamed with the Grand National Rodeo, it is sure to be a huge crowd pleaser amongst both hobbyists and non hobbyist alike!

Those on the East Coast don’t miss out on Golden Oak Stables’ full calendar of events! These events are unlike any others in the nation and are not to be missed! This weekend there is a workshop day which will guide you through prop making and customizing, two workshops that are truly not to be missed!

Stay tuned to Stable News for all the latest info including Breyerwest, Breyerfest and Golden Oak Stables events! No matter where you are in the country, there’s an event for you! Don’t miss out on what is proving to be an exciting and wonderful year for Breyer collectors. A year with events like this hasn’t come around in many year, so don’t miss your chance to participate!


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