Real Life Breyer Horses: A Trip To Secretariat’s Claiborne Farm

Down a long, quiet, winding road in a small town outside of  Lexington Kentucky lies a farm with history that runs deep, over 100 years deep. Amongst the ranks of its astonishing horses is a red horse that captured the hearts of a nation almost 40 years ago and continues to do so today, Secretariat. Today it houses stars of today’s track that help Claiborne Farm’s legacy live on into the next century!

Claiborne Farm Pastures

Claiborne Farm Offices

Secretariat was the horse that brought millions into the world of horse racing. This amazing red colt with bright white markings came into America’s eyes in 1973 with astonishing wins in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and then the Belmont where he found his way into history! Winning the Belmont by a jaw dropping 31 lengths. He then went to live at Claiborne farm where he lived out the rest of his days working as a stallion and producing foals and grandfoals  that would find their way across the most prestigious finish lines in the sport!

Eddington, Great-Grandson of Secretariat, Now Resides In Secretariat's Stall

Secretariat's Grave At Claiborne Farm

Now Claiborne is home to some of the most popular and respected horses in recent history. Amongst them is Blame, the only horse that could beat Zenyatta! Blame is working his first year out off the track as a stud horse and has already been bred to over 100 mares! We’ll have to wait a few years to see what his foals do, but the possibilities are endless. He’s a favorite amongst the employees of Claiborne and is beloved by the farm for doing the unthinkable, beating the unbeaten mare in the Breeders Cup Classic.

Blame- 2010 Breeders Cup Classic Winner


Hosting home to America’s elite race horses, Claiborne Farm is truly a home full of history in the heart of Bluegrass country. Create your own Thoroughbred farm with Golden Oak Stables and fill it with famous race horses, or whatever your favorite breed is! The wonderful thing about Breyers is that you can make your barn whatever you want, let your imagination run wild and let Golden Oak Stables help!


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