Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest Coming Up Quick!

In just six weeks thousands of model horse collectors will descend on the horse capital of the world, Lexington Kentucky, for four days of model horse heaven! Breyerfest is a long awaited destination for just about any Breyer collector, and this year will be a celebration that dreams are made of with a festival that celebrates the fantasy of the fairytale!

Events kick off on Thursday night at the former Holiday Inn North which is now known as the Clarion Hotel. Breyer opens up with an all china show, Breyerfest Breakables Live, taking place at the Clarion on Thursday afternoon. Thursday will also see the opening of the Artisan’s Gallery where model horse artists exhibit their creations! The Clarion also plays host to a favorite of many attendees, room sales, which begin on Thursday in most cases. Many hobbyists open the doors of their hotel rooms to buy, sell, trade or just chat with other hobbyists. So while Breyerfest might not begin at the park until Friday, the party starts Thursday night at the Clarion!

Friday brings the first day of events at the Kentucky Horse Park including the Breyerfest Open Show, one of the most competitive and largest shows in the world. The best show horses in the world come from far and wide to compete at this prestigious show which takes place in the newly constructed Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park. This state of the art facility was built for the 2010 World Equestrian Games and now holds events ranging from local shows to model horse shows to world class events.

Saturday is the Children and Youth edition of the Breyerfest open show. Focused on teaching and fostering the next generation of model horse showers, the Children/Youth show is very competitive in its own right and brings the immense talent of the young people of our hobby to light!

When the heat starts to cool and the sun begins to set on Saturday the covered arena will turn into a big party for all attendees! The Saturday raffle is a popular event with 25 beautiful models being raffled. There is also a costume contest that is sure to be full of not only great costumes but a few laughs here and there. Last but certainly not least a benefit auction will take the crowd by storm with dozens of amazing one of a kind Breyer models that will bring thousands in for charity, even if you don’t want to bid, its a great event to watch!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will all bring us shopping, amazing horses, seminars and workshops. There’s something to do for everyone at Breyerfest! As always,¬†Stable News will bring you all of the scoop, and if you can’t find your way to Kentucky, Golden Oak Stables has a year full of events to help ease that model horse need! Check out the Event Calendar for events that are not to miss!


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