Breyer Horse Collecting: The American Quarter Horse

Versatile as it is popular, the American Quarter Horse is a breed that is popular throughout dozens of equestrian sports as well as being a companion to millions. This breed has gone from being a horse bred for ranch work to a horse that competes at the highest level of nearly every equine sport and excels!

One of America’s favorite breeds, the American Quarter Horse was first bred as a distinctive breed in the late 1800’s that helped to settle the west and in 1940 the American Quarter Horse Association was formed. The American Quarter Horse Association is the breed organization that holds precedent over registrations of the breed and acceptance of all horses that are registered as an American Quarter Horse. The AQHA as its commonly shortened to also regulates a large national show which is attended by people from thousands of miles away.

The Quarter horse might be known for its Western riding work, but they are actually named after their quick speed on the race track. Quarter Horse racing is still a popular sport that sees fans from all corners of the world. They also can be seen in many hunter jumper rings, pleasure horses and even mounted police! This breed is truly an amazing versatile breed that can be seen in all corners of the equestrian world!

Breyer has created dozens of Quarter Horses and are amongst some of the most popular models they have created! With fans all over the world its no surprise that they are as popular as they are. Reining legend, Big Chex To Cash is one of the most popular Breyer Quarter Horses in recent history. This stunning palomino paint is one of the most successful reining horses ever and has made his way into reining history. Breyer’s Big Chex to Cash features a stunning metallic dappled coat on the popular Smart Chic Olena mold.

A famous cutting horse mare has also become a popular Breyer portrait since her release, Bet Yer Blue Boons! A red roan mare, Bet Yer Blue Boons is striking in appearance and presence. With a white blaze and two socks, her bright red roan coat stands out in a crowd. Known for her cow cutting ability, in which a horse tests its ability in controlling cattle, Bet Yer Blue Boons has created history by earning the top score ever in her sport.

Bringing you just about any breed you could imagine, Golden Oak Stables celebrates this Memorial Day with a truly American breed, the American Quarter Horse. Responsible for helping to settle the west, the American Quarter Horse is a breed all its own that has and will live on through its versatility and adoring fans.


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