Breyer Horse Collecting: Breyer Plush Fun

Breyer creates some of the most realistic and beautiful horses in the world. There’s always something for everyone, from Traditional models that are favorites amongst collectors to Stablemates that are wonderful for play with a plethora of accessories that make for hours of play. One fun line from Breyer is their plush line, which mixes the fun of a plush horse with the realism and care that Breyer brings to each and every horse they create!

Just like there is a Breyer Horse for everyone, there is a plush for everyone! For the Elvis lovers, Breyer has created four of his most favorite horses in plush form! Tucker, Bandit, Candy and Max are ¬†four of Elvis’ horses and have been created in small plush beanie form! Each stand 5.5 inches high and have Elvis’ name and the horses name embroidered on the hoof marking them each as a special horse from the Breyer collection!

Large, gorgeous and perfect for anyone, Molly is a huge, 30 inch laying horse plush that is so pretty in a black and white pinto pattern. She’s cute and cuddly as can be and will look so perfect sitting on the bed of that special horse lover in your life! She’s large enough to have tons of possibilities for play as well as being beautiful enough to display!

Speaking of play, Breyer has created the perfect plush for the vet in training! The Chloe Care For Me Set is the perfect set that will enchant for hours upon hours. Chloe is a bay pinto mare that stands 10 inches tall with a brushable mane and tail! She comes with accessories that will help her caretaker assure that she stays in the best health possible! Chloe also interacts when she is taken care of, the stethoscope has a heart beat sound, the ear light lights up to let you check her ears and her tail swishes when you pick her hooves! She even will let out a content sigh when her mane is brushed!

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you the best model horses in the world, but don’t forget you can also have a lovely plush horse that will warm your heart!


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