Breyer Horse New Releases: Weather Girl Treasure Hunt- Rainbows are Arriving!

Breyer has created a frenzy with the release of their newest treasure hunt model, Weather Girl. Weather girl is sculpted by one of the hottest artists in the hobby, Brigitte Eberl, making her quite popular This new Arabian mare has quickly become a fast favorite among many collectors and they’ve been clamoring about possibilities for Rainbow. Well Friday many collectors saw a rainbow when they opened their doors and mailboxes, and now we know a couple of possibilities for what the rainbow holds!

For the 2011 Treasure Hunt, collectors need to collect Sunny, Partially Cloudy and Thunderstorm to receive Rainbow. Thunderstorm is the rarest of the three models, just like a real thunderstorm, and Sunny and Partially Cloudy are popular in their own right. All three are beautiful models that any collector would be thrilled to add to their collection!

Rainbow has a wide variety of possibilities and not all variations have shown up, so no one knows what model you might get! The first Rainbow to show up was a classical rainbow colored horse that will excite any decorator lover. With the colors of the rainbow shining strong, this Breyer is like no other and truly exceptionally unique.  The second variation is a realistically colored model that combines the real horse color rainbow in a stunning and exciting pattern and color palate. You’ll just have to sit tight to see what exactly the rainbow holds though, we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise!

With many possibilities, you never know what might show up on your doorstep. If you haven’t gotten your Weather Girls yet, full sets of three are sold out but more models are on the way! So keep an eye on Golden Oak and Stable News to find out when you can get your own set and find out what the rainbow holds for you!

Be sure not to miss this year’s exciting Treasure Hunt, because unlike years past, this year’s mold will be locked in the Breyer vault for 5 years, so we won’t see a new edition of this mold until 2016! She certainly isn’t one you want to miss!


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