Breyer Horse Collecting: Summer Reading With Breyer

There have been hundreds of amazing horse stories written over the history of time. Some happy, some sad, but the ones that we hold in our hearts live on for generations upon generations! With summer break right around the corner vacations are being planned and many find themselves with a bit of free time. Why not bring the story of a cherished horse along with you?

One of the most recognizable stories among horse lovers is that of Misty of Chincoteauge. Every year in July, the Islands of Assateauge and Chincoteague hold a festival to bring their native ponies to auction and send families home with a Chincoteauge Pony home with them! Marguerite Henry is known amongst horse lovers as the author of dozens of horse stories that they have grown up reading for generations. Misty of Chincoteauge is one of her most famous and one of her most beloved. Breyer has been creating their own Misty and Stormy since the 1970’s and they have been some of the most popular models in the Breyer lineup proving the power of Henry’s novel.

Breyer also brings us three new stories of horses that are sure to enchant. The  best part is that each one comes with a Breyer model of the title character. The first is Wild Blue, the story of a wild mustang, this stunning blue roan Mustang is proud and strong standing alert on the high plains! Little Prince is the story of a Shetland Pony who’s sweet and adorable in a beautiful palomino color with a blonde mane and tail. Samirah is an exotic and enchanting Arabian that is a stunning solid dark bay color. Each of these amazing horses come in a set with a Classic scale (1:12) model and their very own novel starring them!

Whether its an old classic or a new one yet to be, taking yourself away to a world within a book is something that each of us can do from time to time! You can start your summer reading with Golden Oak Stables and be taken away to a world full of the most amazing horses that anyone could imagine, and its all within the pages of a book!


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