Breyer Horse Collecting: Fun With Vintage

Over the past 60 years Breyer has created thousands of different models and hundreds of different molds. At any time there are a myriad of different models in the current Breyer lineup but if you’re looking for a real challenge, collecting vintage is where its at!

When you decide to collect vintage one of the first things you’ll figure out is that condition is the most important thing and that finding a mint vintage model is a challenge in itself. Vintage models are often played with so you’ll need to take care to purchase models that meet your needs. If you like to live show, finding mint models will be of utmost importance. Take care to choose models that are free from flaws or choosing models that haven’t been played with. There is no model that will ever be absolutely mint, but models that haven’t been played with are a good start to finding a beautiful show model.

Another fun thing about collecting vintage is being able to get models of your favorite molds. Often Breyer will change the color of a mold many times in its life. Some models have dozens of different colors to collect which can be fun. Collectors often refer to collecting all the colors of one model as a “Conga Line” because of the appearance when they are all lined up on a shelf together. Finding variations is also a spin off of this type of collecting. Breyer models are all individually painted and variations happen, especially in vintage models. Some collectors have dozens of all one model just because of variations, its addicting to say the least!

Breyer has released thousands of different models, and while we might not be able to own them all, we can certainly add some interesting and beautiful vintage models to our collections. Golden Oak Stables has one of the most amazing inventories of Vintage models that are all in un-circulated collection! You can be the first to cut off those ties and take your new model out of the box! With dozens of models, you’re sure to find a model you can’t live without!


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