Breyer Horse Showing: Building Your Live Showing Kit

Ready to attend your first show? Or perhaps you are a veteran shower that have been showing for a long while. No matter what your experience a Live Showing Kit will make your upcoming show much easier and successful by streamlining everything you need into one kit that holds all that you could need to prevent show day disasters!

The most important thing you’ll need on the day of the show is a Table Cloth. This is the first thing you are going to lay down on your show table when you arrive at the venue. This is a very important item in your kit because a table cloth can prevent your models from getting damaged should one fall over. Tumbles often happen because one little bump of your table can wiggle your horses, so bring a table cloth to keep your horses from hitting the hard surface without protection.

You will want to bring a few things to keep your horses looking good at the show. Judges often look for dust on models so bringing a Soft Brush to dust your models off with. A large makeup brush works well for this task and can be found at any drug store. You can also bring a small Paint Kit if you feel confident in doing touch ups on your models. Eartip and hoof rubs often don’t get noticed until you are out in better light or a small rub can occur in many situations so bringing a small paint kit with you can save the day!

There are some important items that you will need no matter what your show string looks like. Bring extra Hanging Tags that you place around the horse’s leg to identify it at the show because it never fails that one or two goes missing. A few Pens and Pencils will come in handy for writing down your horses’ placings or for filling out raffle tickets! Bringing some Snacks is also a good idea along with a Bottle of Water or two. You don’t want to let your energy drop throughout the day! You might also want to bring some extra Packing Materal or Boxes if you end up bringing a new horse or two home. Don’t forget your Camera to take photos as the day goes on of your horses and of the show! You don’t want to miss the memories of the day!

Live shows can be a great time and you can succeed with a bit of planning. You will find more things that you need to add to your live show kit as you go along, and everyone’s is different, this is just the start! You can try your first show out with Golden Oak Stables‘ and get a feel for the world of model horse showing, but don’t forget to pack your Live Showing Kit which will help you on your way to the Winner’s Circle!

Next time we’ll make a Performance Live Showing Kit for all of you performance junkies! Stay tuned!


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