Breyer Horse Collecting: Mini Whinnies, The Smallest Scale

The smallest Breyers aren’t Stablemates as you might think, there is an even smaller scale that has just as many possibilities as their larger scale counterparts! Fun to collect and easy to acquire, Mini Whinnies are a blast to collect!

Standing at just around an inch tall, Mini Whinnies are small as can be and beautiful as can be. The Breyer Mini Whinnies line was sculpted by the talented Candace Liddy who is a well known Model Horse sculptor that has been a favorite for many resin artists for many years. Her Mini Whinnies are just as realistic as her larger pieces and just like any horse in Breyer’s lineup, Mini Whinnies are perfect little horses!

Since their inception, Breyer has created a ton of fun accessories and playsets for their Mini Whinnies line that are great for a fun time! With barns, fencing, riders and more all in one little playset, Mini Whinnies are fun as can be! Breyer also has sets of Mini Whinnies in various breeds to fill your stables out quickly! Another fun thing about Mini Whinnies is that you can find them in other Breyer sets too taking the place of a scale Breyer model for the Breyer Traditional and Classics lines!

Mini Whinnies have a ton of possibilities too! Breyer has created a Mini Whinnie Painting Kit to give you a leg up on customizing with paints and unpainted Mini Whinnies all packaged together. Mini Whinnies can be quite competitive in the show ring as well! Custom Mini Whinnies can often be seen at shows and while painting one could be a little more difficult because of the size, but can be big winners if painted with the same care as a larger scale model.

Another fun thing that can be done with Mini Whinnies and a lot of patience is Mini Whinnies performance! Creating tack that is correct and in such a small scale is quite difficult so if you do it well the rewards can be large!

Take a moment to visit Golden Oak Stables and get to know the Mini Whinnies line! They are a blast to collect and easy to acquire!  Don’t bypass this wonderful scale, they can be a lot of fun for anyone in a myriad of ways!


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