Breyer Horse Showing: North American Nationals 2011

Are you a model horse hobbyist? Have you qualified a horse in the last two years for the North American Nationals? You may have and you don’t even know it! If you attended Golden Oak Stables’  New England Fall Live in the past two years and got a first or a second place you have! That’s not the only place to qualify your horse though, if you attended any model horse show in the past two years and your horse was awarded a first or a second place and was awarded a green, yellow or pink card with your ribbon that’s your ticket into the most exclusive show of the year! But don’t wait, you only have until May 2nd to enter!

The North American Nationals (Typically shortened to NAN) are held by the North American Model Horse Shows Association (Or NAMHSA for short) and is held in conjunction with Breyerfest in years that end in an even number in Lexington Kentucky. Kentucky NANs take place the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday prior to Breyerfest and take place at Rupp Arena, the same place where those famous Kentucky Wildcats play! In odd years NAN travels the country and typically is held somewhere in the western half of the country. This year its being held in the warm and beautiful Tucson Arizona!

Taking place June 17th, 18th and 19th, model horse hobbyists will take Tucson by storm and bring some of the best horses in the nation to Arizona for some friendly competition! There are classes for just about anything you can imagine at NAN 2011! Original Finish plastic is always a favorite for all of the Breyer collectors out there and with many classes there’s a class for everything! There’s performance classes, custom classes, classes for artist resins and chinas as well as collectibility classes that will judge the rarity and desirability of your horse. Just remember, each horse needs to have a NAN card to enter!

Registration is open for the 2011 show and will remain open until May 2nd! So if you are looking for a lovely desert vacation this June and have even a few horses qualified, Tucson is your place! The competition will be stiff, but the rewards are worth it!  Visit for more information about this year’s show or to start planning for 2012!

Golden Oak Stables is always your home for Breyer Horses, you never know when your new Breyer is going to be a star in the show ring! Do you have a horse you’ve gotten from Golden Oak Stables that has been a star at a previous NAN or in the show ring? I’d love to hear about it!


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