Breyer Horse Collecting: Its All In The Eye Details

One of the most wonderful things about Breyers is that they are hand painted and each Breyer is different than the next! Variations in models happens all the time and some folks get great joy out of collecting variations! One of the first place to look for variations is in the eye details! Details on Breyers can be very interesting and beautiful and its easy to see why these can really complete a model and make them stand out in the crowd. In recent years Breyer has really taken a big step forward in creating some exciting details that make models stand out and put them into the realm of fine art!

One of the first place to look for interesting details is in the eyes. Many Breyers have hand detailed eyes that create life like realism. There are several different “Eyes” that Breyer does.

The first one that can be found is a simple black eye. This may seem a little boring, but sometimes simple works best for a model. The black eye features no detailing beyond a little gloss from time to time and helps to create a big “Doe Eye” look. It often helps indicate a gentle nature and calm demeanor.

From GOS

The most common detail that you can find on many modern models is Eye Whites. These are thin white paint lines that can be found in one or both corners of the eyes. This gives a realistic and interesting look to the model and gives the model more expression! Careful placement of an eyewhite can change a kind model to one that is concentrating or frightened.

From GOS

The last and most detailed is commonly referred to as “Tri-eyes” which is when the model has a painted iris, eye and eyewhite. These are the most detailed of the eyes and mostly found on harder to find and limited models due to the time needed to create this look. Tri-eyes can be very beautiful if painted by a talented painter and can really bump the model into a new realm of realism!

From GOS

Eyes are just one of the details you can find on Breyers and they just keep making them better and better each and every year and Golden Oak Stables brings them to you as always! Breyer continues to bring themselves into new realms of beauty with each and every little detail!


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