Breyer Horse New Releases: Weather Girl Is Out And About!

She’s out! She’s in the hands of collectors and if you don’t have her yet, here’s your chance to see the star of the hour, Weather Girl! She’s sculpted by the very talented Brigitte Eberl and is simply stunning as can be! One of the most exciting parts is that you only have a very limited time to add her to your collection so don’t delay! After this year she’s headed to the Breyer vault for five years, you won’t want to miss her. Lets take a good, up close, look at this new sculpture.

Partially Cloudy is a  stunning dapple grey pinto with intricate details and lovely shading and dappling! She is a medium shade of grey and has a lovely look about her. This stunning part Arabian is flashy and gorgeous and ready to brighten up your stable!

From 2011-04-03
From 2011-04-03

Sunny is a bright and gorgeous palomino that glistens like sunlight. She is slightly metallic in a gorgeous medium shade of palomino that truly shines. Breyer created the perfect mix of beauty and horse with this model and she’s just amazing as can be!

From 2011-04-03
From 2011-04-03
From 2011-04-03

Thunderstorm is a stunning shaded black that is an amazing color to say the least. This new color in the Breyer rainbow is beautiful with shading that dances across her flanks and shows subtle details in her beautiful paint job. I love the details around her socks and hooves, Breyer really went all out on this girl! She even features a blaze that looks a little bit like a lightening bolt!

From 2011-04-03
From 2011-04-03
From 2011-04-03

We still don’t know what color Rainbow is, but we should know soon! No matter what color she ends up being, this stunning Arabian is gorgeous as can be! Don’t miss her, as you can see, this sculpture is nothing to miss!


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