Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest 2011 Is Fast Approaching!

In less than four months model horse collectors from all over the world will embark on a journey from all corners of the country and world to their final destination, Lexington, Kentucky. Each year Breyer takes over the Kentucky Horse Park and brings equine stars from all over to create a wonderful event that enchants people of all ages! There are events for everyone, from novice to longtime collector and Breyer has given us every reason to get excited about this year!

The theme for this year’s  Breyerfest is “Fairytales” and Breyer has lots of interesting things planned already to excite and amaze! The celebration horse, or guest of honor is Pecos, a stunning Andalusian that is a relative of a Breyer horse from many decades ago, Legionario III! Legionario was created by Breyer in 1979 and is a favorite amongst many vintage collectors! Pecos is being created on the very popular Esprit mold in a beautiful light dapple grey that shines with light and energy!

There’s still plenty of time to enter the world class model horse shows  that Breyer puts on. There are shows for all ages, Children, Youth and Adults. The Childrens/Youth show takes place on Saturday and is a day full of friendly competition and learning on the forefront! This is the largest show of its kind in the nation and very competitive but its friendly enough that even first time showers will feel comfortable. The Adult show is the pinnacle of Breyer horse showing with the very best of the best coming to Kentucky to show off their marvelous models! Visit Breyer’s Website to find out more information!

There are workshops that take place all day long at Breyerfest where collectors can learn hands on how to create amazing models and learn new skills which they can put towards their talents in the hobby. With over a dozen workshops that span the different media’s of collecting, tackmaking, prop making and various other fun activities you can learn, the possibilities are endless! Be sure to act fast if you’d like to attend one of these workshops because they sell out quickly!

If you’d like to attend Breyerfest this year grab your ticket soon! The price goes up April first and if you purchase your ticket prior to that you are entered to win a very rare and elusive Breyer model! So its worth it to purchase early! Stay tuned to Golden Oak Stables’ Stable News for all the information you might need and coverage like always from Breyerfest! We’ll bring you all the action!


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