Breyer Horse New Releases: What Color Will Rainbow Be?

Breyer has surprised us again with a wonderful Treasure Hunt for 2011! This surprise was two fold though, with the release of a new mold by the lovely Brigitte Eberl. If this wasn’t enough to get your excited, Rainbow, the redemption model is still a surprise!  What color do you think she’ll be?

The Weather Girls are out in the hands of collectors now and getting rave reviews from collectors all over the world! The three lovely colors are all gorgeous and beautiful as can be! The lovely “Sunny” is a gorgeous and bright shade of slightly metallic palomino that shimmers in the sun! Partially Cloudy is a wonderful grey dapple pinto  that is bold and very beautiful! The rare Thunderstorm is the hardest to find in the group and a stunning shade of shaded black that is just so gorgeous!

With all of those lovely models, its hard to imagine what Rainbow will be. Could it be very literal and be an amazing rainbow colored decorator? If it is, perhaps its an appaloosa, or a pinto! Even a solid color rainbow horse will be bold and gorgeous! Perhaps Breyer is thinking of the horse rainbow and we’ll get a realistic color horse. If that’s the case it could be any color, or a combination of many! Breyer has produced multiple prize models before, so one thought is that there might be one real horse color that matches up with each color of the rainbow! She could also be painted in a gold charm, like the pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow as in Irish tradition! The mind could go crazy thinking of all the possibilities!

No matter what she is, the Weather Girl treasure hunt is one not to miss! You only have a few months to grab her, because after this year she’s going to be locked in the Breyer Vault for 5 years! Until 2016! Don’t miss your chance and visit Golden Oak Stables today to grab your set and find out what the rainbow holds for you! I know I’m anxiously awaiting the secret to this mystery! What color do you think she’ll be?


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One Response to Breyer Horse New Releases: What Color Will Rainbow Be?

  1. Dana Knudsen says:

    I’m not sure, maybe there is two kin of Rainbow horses. Cause i seen an Appaloosa coloured and a Rainbow coloured horse. So i’m not sure 🙂

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