Breyer Horse Showing: Looking For A Live Show?

Spring is here, the snow is melting and the grass is growing green again! With the warm weather comes the beginning of the the model (and real) horse show season! For veteran showers you already know where some shows are, since they tend to be held year after year, but sometimes live shows are hard to find, especially if you don’t know where to look! Here’s a few places that should make your search easier!

One of the biggest resources on the internet is The North American Model Horse Shows Association(NAMHSA for short). This national agency is a group that mandates model horse shows and approves them to be “NAN Qualified” which means that they meet all the standards set forth by NAMHSA! Shows that can be found on NAMHSA’s website are NAN Qualified and held in high regard and are typically well attended. You can view the Upcoming Shows Link to view all member shows by Date, Region or Name. While you’re on NAMHSA’s site, take a moment to visit the  “Contact NAMHSA” section and look for your region. There are 11 Regions in North America and each one has a representative as well as  a  message group which will keep you in the loop for model horse shows and help you connect with other hobbyists in your area!

The other place to help you find live shows is! !n their “Events” section you’ll find a map of the United States and when you click on your area, all of the events that have been registered with Breyer will pop up!  Not everyone chooses to list their show with Breyer, so don’t depend on this as your only resource, but many shows do!

There are also other places to look for live shows including online model horse forums and hobby publications, but NAMHSA and are your two biggest resources when it comes to finding events in your area! As always, if you are in the New England area, plan a trip to one of Golden Oak Stables events for 2011! They are beyond compare and always popular as can be! An absolute “Not To Miss”!


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