Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest Live Shows & Workshops 2011

Are you headed to Breyerfest this year? The time is here to start sending in your entries for not only Breyerfest’s live shows but also the fun and educational workshops!

Breyerfest Live and the Breyerfest Child/Youth show are two of the most competitive and educational shows in the country. Pinning the best against the best, people visit from all over the country and world to compete for bragging rights as the champions of Breyerfest 2011! The Child/Youth show is competitive in its own right with over 100 entrants, but is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the wonderful world of Breyer horses and model horse showing! Many first time showers enter the Breyerfest Child/Youth show and find their passion for showing, so don’t let the sheer number discourage you!

You also don’t want to forget about the wonderful and educational workshops that you can enter for Breyerfest 2011! You can learn everything from how to customize your model horses to Judging 101!  There are classes for learning to make an Arabian halter, or a Western tack set. You can learn how to sculpt your own manes and tails on your wonderful customs or make a love fantasy flocked model, two things you can’t learn anywhere else!

Entries for both the Breyerfest Live Shows and the Workshops are now open, so don’t delay, get those entires in the mail soon. In previous years these events have sold out very quickly and are quite popular, so you don’t want to miss your chance! Don’t forget to grab your Breyerfest tickets while your at it. All entries before April 1st are entered to win a very limited model, a chance you don’t want to miss! All the information can be found on!

If you can’t get to Breyerfest there’s always other model horse events you can get to, including Golden Oak’s Stables’ popular series of live shows! Don’t miss out on your chance to get involved in some fierce competition and learn about the wonderful world of Breyer Horses!


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