Breyer Horse Showing: Choosing The Perfect Breed

Spring is less than three weeks away and with spring comes warmer weather and model horse shows! One of the most popular divisions for model horse shows is the Breed Division. In this division, horses are judged exactly like their real life counterparts on the same breed standards that all of the large breed organizations do at their shows. Model Horse show attendees need to spend some time prior to the show picking the perfect breeds for their models to bring home the blues. This isn’t always the easiest task, but it can be very fun and rewarding when you bring home the blue!

Some Breyers are very easy to pick a breed for, models that have gaits or positions that are only present in a certain breed limit the choices of the model, don’t let that limit you though! Models like “Silver” and “Nakota” are both in positions that are popular for wild horses but they both can by many more breeds than a Mustang. Be careful though and don’t get too creative, stay safe with safe breed choices and don’t think too far out of the box!

Your first step to finding a breed is heading to your local library. Head on over to the “Pets” section and check out a few books on horse breeds. Reading more than one book is important, specifically for rare breeds is key. Rare breeds are often only known by one or two photos and because all horses are different, even within the same breed, going by one horse as the breed standard isn’t a good idea. Look for a breed for your horse that matches not only the photo but also the description of the breed. Often times books will go into details about the bone structure of the horse, pay close attention to this. All breeds have distinctive features which you should pay attention to. Arabians are known for their dished profiles and Tennessee Walking Horses are known for their gait, these are just a few of the many examples to pay close attention to.

One of the most important things when picking a horse breed is to pay attention to coat color! Breed registries regularly only permit certain colors for certain breeds. Many breed organizations have restrictions against pinto or appaloosa patterns, or dilute colors , so read those restrictions carefully.

Once you’ve taken a look in a few books, travel on over to the internet and visit the breed organization to read their “Breed Standards”. A quick search in a search engine will pull up breed organizations very easily and once you have an idea, this will give you the best, most direct information. Another place to get information from breed organizations is to visit horse expos. Expos such as Equine Affaire are large scale events where all kinds of breed organizations are present and frequently pass out free information on their breed, so taking a trip once in a while to an expo can prove very educational!

Get a little creative and do a little research and you’ll have your next champion! If you’re in the New England area, you’re in luck, Golden Oak Stables has a calendar full of events for you this year including model horse shows! Be sure not to miss them!


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