New Breyer Releases: Treasure Hunt 2011

That’s right! Breyer has surprised us for 2011 and brought out one of the most exciting events in recent history! There will be a 2011 Treasure Hunt, and its not just any Treasure Hunt, this year they had a surprise in store!

One of the most popular sculpting artists in the past decade is Brigitte Eberl, a German sculptor who first found popularity in the European “Artist Resin” part of the hobby where artists create and produce their own  model horses out of resin materials and other hobby artists paint them using a variety of materials. Breyer first commissioned  a sculpture from Brigitte in the form of Keltic Salinero. This sculpture of the famous dressage horse quickly became a favorite amongst collectors. Breyer next released a Brigitte mold at Breyerfest 2008, Alborozo. This mold is one of the most popular molds ever for his firey personality and spirit! Alborozo was only produce for Breyerfest and will never be produced again making him quite elusive!  Brigitte then produced the molds for GG Valentine and Heartbreaker, an adorable mare and foal, which while newly released, are so popular already. Brigitte’s molds are popular amongst collectors for many reasons, they encompass a large amount of spirit and are also very realistic! Her sculptures are art at its finest so it is truly an event that Breyer has released yet another Brigitte Eberl model!

Weather Girl is a lovely Arabian mare that will be released in three finishes, Thunderstorm, Sunny and Partially Cloudy. Thunderstorm is a lovely shaded black with small white markings, Sunny is a lovely bright palomino and Partially Cloudy is a gorgeous dapple grey pinto! These three models are only going to be available until the end of the year and then the mold will be locked in the Breyer Vault until 2016! So you only have a few months to add this amazing model to your collection! This may all sound amazing, but Breyer has one more little surprise in store! If you collect all three “Weather Girl” models you can redeem the UPC’s for “Rainbow”. No one knows what Rainbow will look like, its purely a surprise, but any color is possible with a rainbow!

You don’t want to miss Weather Girl, but don’t fret, you have nine months to get all three, and Golden Oak Stables, as always, will bring them to you just as soon as possible!


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