Breyer Events: Golden Oak Stables Saddle-Up For Spring 2011

The time has come and warm weather is in the minds of many and the first Golden Oak Stables model horse show for the year is quickly approaching! In less than 8 weeks Golden Oak Stables will open their doors again for Saddle-Up For Spring. The first of the year in what is sure to be another successful show season filled with 5 events!

Have you been thinking about trying model horse showing? Are you in the New England area? Saddle-Up for Spring is your chance! On March 26th Golden Oak Stables will be home to their one of a kind shows that cater to new and budding hobbyists! Golden Oak Stables’ Novice shows are specially created to give those new to the hobby or showing all the information needed to have a great time! The shows are full of fun classes and divisions that mimic a large scale open show, so they are perfect for learning everything you can about model horse showing!

The judges are always happy to answer questions too and give you feedback on what you did well or could do better next time, because there’s always room for improvement and the only way to do better next time is to know what needs changed.

There’s a myriad of classes that will fill the day and fun activities for the whole family! A Breyer Fun Day will also take place along with all the shopping you can imagine from Golden Oak Stables. Lunch and snacks are even provided  to keep you full and energized all day long!

So what are you waiting for? Pack up your ponies and head on our to Golden Oak Stables for Saddle-Up For Spring 2011, its an experience you won’t soon forget!

Click here for more information on Saddle-Up For Spring and other Golden Oak Stables Events!







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