Breyer Horse Accessories: Meet The New Breyer Riders!

We all know Brenda Breyer, the wonderful and versatile rider that has been a champion rider for over 20 years! She’s been a cowgirl, a dressage rider, a saddle seat rider, an Arabian princess and more. She’s jumped in the grand prix, and championed every hurdle you’ve put in front of her, but now she’s got two new friends in the barn that will bring a wonderful new spin on Breyer Riders!

Eva is a lovely blonde doll with her hair tied back so that she’s ready to hop on a horse and go! She’s dressed in an exciting bright pink and white stripped polo top. Her tan riding breeches tuck into her muck boots so she’s ready to finish up her chores and then head on out. She comes with a Western Saddle and bridle that is Classic scale and in a lovely middle color brown. After her ride she can give her horse a well deserved bath with the sponge and bucket that come along with her.

Olivia is ready to finish off her chores in the barn and then ride on out. Her long brown hair is tied up in the back in a long braid to keep her hair out of her eyes. She wears a flannel shirt in shades of blue and a pair of blue jeans. Her blue jeans are rolled up to the top of her black Western Cowboy boots keeping them clean as the chores are done. She ties her green and red apron over her clothing so that she can keep her other clothing clean as well! She comes with a rake and shovel that she uses to clean stalls at her barn with and she also brings carrots and apples to treat the horses! After she’s done with all her chores she can hop up and take a trail ride!

Both new dolls are scaled as Classic scale (1:12 scale) adults or Traditional (1:9 scale) youth riders. All are lovely as can be and have lots of new fun accessories that will create a ton of new adventures in your barn. Bring home a new friend for your horses today from Golden Oak Stables!


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