Breyer Horse Sale: Valentine’s Day Special at Golden Oak Stables

2011 is here and perhaps you have been waiting to grab some of the new releases? Breyer has released some very exciting models for the new year and Golden Oak Stables has perfect opportunity to bring the new models you’ve been waiting for, home today!

Valentine Special
FREE “I Love Breyer Horses” Necklace
Minimum Order $75.00. Click here to place your
Free “I Love Breyer Horses” Necklace in your shopping cart; then at checkout use the coupon code
VALENTINENECKLACE (value $21.95). Expires February 6, 2011


With a $75 order you will get a free “I Love Breyer Horses” necklace to show your love of your models! Wear it to any horse event, or wear it every day to show your love of Breyer!

You can grab the appropriate  GG Valentine and Heartbreaker are the perfect Valentines gift for a Breyer lover or for yourself! These are available in both a gorgeous matte finish as well as a glossy finish! So pick your favorite finish and bring this beautiful set home today!

The thrid in the Bonanza series is Chub and is now available for the 2011 season and is neat as can be! This stunning bay Quarter Horse will fit in with his Bonanza brothers and fit into your stable with a fitting western look.

You can also bring home a myriad of accessories for your Breyers that are new for 2011! There’s a new Cowgirl doll, Taylor, dressed in a gorgeous pink and black outfit which will stand out in the show ring! There is also a dressage rider that is ready to join your stables and help your horses get into the winners circle! Breyer has released a beautiful deluxe tack box that is a lovely light stained wood color with gorgeous accents. This will be a beloved piece in your stable, perfect for bringing from stable to show! The Breyer Horses Box Jump is created in a wonderful pink and white color that is sure to create a beautiful look on your competition field, its simply lovely with standards, rails and a brushbox. And there are also two new classic scale riders! These also double well as youth size riders for your traditional horses, so don’t be afraid to put them to work! Eva comes with accessories to keep up with her daily barn duties and head out on a trail ride.  Olivia is dressed to do her chores around the barn including feeding and cleaning, because there’s always a chore to be done!

So mix and match and take advantage of not only the opportunity to get a free “I Love Breyer Horses” necklace but also to bring the newest models home today!




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