Breyer Horse New Releases: WEG Fever Is Still Strong!

The World Equestrian Games may have ended back in December but the fever’s still going strong! These wonderful games were seen as a success by all and Breyer was honored with being the official model horse of the games! There were many special models available only to attendees of the games, but Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have released two very special horses for 2011!

Cedric and Headley Britannia were two of the special runs released by Breyer for the World Equestrian Games. Both are equestrian stars produced in a stunningly detailed portrait style, and now Breyer has brought these hard to find WEG Special Runs to you!

Cedric is ridden by Laura Kraut. This stunning horse is a lovely fleabit grey and Breyer has produced this horse on the dynamic showjumping mold. The eye for detail is amazing! Cedric is shown in mid-canter and headed over to his next jump. He comes with a base which allows him to stand on one leg and be in the correct position for taking off!

Headley Britannia is a small but powerful champion eventer that has made her mark in her sport! Owned by Lucinda Fredricks, she stands a petite 15.3 hands high and is still going strong even at age 13! In 2008 she produced her first foal and I’m sure a line of champion eventers aren’t far away! Breyer’s version of Headley Britannia is created on the Strapless mold, a portrait model created in the spirit of a champion hunter mare that is simply feminine and simply perfect for Britannia!

Golden Oak Stables brings you these two WEG exclusive models that you can add to your collection, so don’t delay! These releases are limited and once they’re gone, they’re gone! So let us not only bring you a special Breyer but also take a short tour with us of some of the WEG sights!









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