Breyer Horse Collecting: Winter Projects

With 49 of 50 states in the United States having snow and some towns covered in feet rather than inches, chances are, many of us are looking for something to do during this very snowy winter!

Winter is the time I set aside for model horse project, I don’t have an excuse not to sit down for a few hours and work on tack. Many other use this time to their advantage of getting creative with their horses and you should too!  These cold days are just perfect for getting your hands dirty and diving in!

Have you ever customized your own Breyer? Turned it from one horse to another? Its very easy to paint your own horse and turn your horse into the horse of your dreams!  You can paint a model horse with Acrylic paint that can be found at any craft stores, other medias are also used by some artists such as oil paints, airbrushing, and soft chalk pastels. Starting in Acrylic is a good way to jump in, just be sure to make sure you want to customize the horse because once he’s painted there’s no going aback and also to spray him with a coat of primer which will make the paint stay so you can enjoy your horse for years to come!

Tack making is also a wonderful activity. Leather cord and lacing can be made into fun halters and bridles with the combination of a bit of glue and jump rings. Many tack makers are also very successful with grosgrain ribbon to make super realistic nylon stable halters! If you are feeling very ambitious try making a saddle! One of the easiest ways to get started is to get a tack catalog and start paging through, pick a saddle and strive to make it as close as possible. It will take time, but with some practice you can be a famous model horse tack maker too!

If you aren’t creative, Winter is the perfect time to organize and dust that collection which gives you time to just enjoy your models, and there isn’t anything better than that! If you are creative though, visit Golden Oak Stables for a myriad of activity kits that can get you started!



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