New Breyer Releases: More Exciting Releases for 2011!

We’ve already had quite a few exiting releases for 2011 including the beautiful GG Valentine and Heartbreaker, Kripton and Kong as well as a neat Stablemate set and wonderful Classic Mare and Foal sets! While all of those are exciting enough, Breyer and Golden Oak Stable has more in store for 2011 including some more very exciting releases that they are bringing to you!

Continuing in the Breyer Bonanza series, 2011 brings the next in the series, Chub. Breyer has created Chub on one of the oldest Breyer molds in their library, the Quarter Horse Gelding. This model dates nearly to the beginning of Breyer’s inception and is a favorite of many collectors. Done in a beautiful chocolate bay with three stockings he’s sure to stand out!

Two of the most exciting models Breyer has released are Cedric and Headley Britannia. These to models were previously only available to attendees of the World Equestrian games! So this is your chance to add these exceptional equestrian athletes to your stable. They will only be available for a limited time, so don’t miss your chance and order today!

Continuing in Breyer’s charitable model series, this year brings a model to benefit one of the most important organizations for animal lovers, the ASPCA! Breyer Horses ASPCA Benefit Animal Rescue Gift Set is a wonderful gift set that not only features a stunning quarter horse but also a couple animal friends. The beautiful liver chestnut quarter horse is stunning enough, but he also comes with a cat and a dog representing the wide variety  of animals that the ASPCA cares for every day.

Two adorable gift sets feature everything your imagination could desire! There is a wonderful Artist Set that is perfect for those creative types and it comes with not only an adorable foal but also an artist doll and accessories to bring the love of art and horses together! Also available is a Pet Sitter set that comes ready to care for all living things with a foal as well as a puppy and kitty!

There are many more choices for 2011, so take a look today! With so many fun sets its hard to choose where to start!


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