Breyer Horses: Golden Oak Stables’ Vintage Outlet!

Looking for something special? Perhaps a special gift that no one else will be able to get? A new show horse that you can’t find just anywhere? Well have you checked out the Golden Oak  Stables’ Vintage Outlet recently? Golden Oak Stables’ Vintage Outlet is stuffed with pristine, unopened, retired Breyer horses, and these are just a few of them.

Created by the beloved Kathleen Moody, Romance is a beautiful and fanciful Huckleberry Bey done in a fantasy theme. With images of princesses and princes, as well as other fairy tale scenes, Romance is sweet as can be and an amazing decorator to boot. This wonderful horse is difficult to find and quite unique, it is the only decorator that Breyer has created with such an elaborate scene!

The classic story of Justin Morgan is created on a stunning prancing Morgan fondly known as the Sherman Morgan mold and includes a copy of this wonderful novel. Considered one of the most important breeds in the United States, the Morgan is a popular and cherished by many people! You can bring home the story of the first Morgan as well as a beautiful Breyer created in his likeness.

If you’d really like to put a present under the tree that will brighten anyone’s tired eyes on Christmas Morning, the Pegasus Treasure Hunt Set is a set of five models, four mustangs and a Pegasus. The four mustangs include a red dun appaloosa, a metallic dun, a bay pinto and a stunning rose grey. These for models were required to redeem for the coveted Pegasus, which is included in this set! This difficult to find set will surely become a beloved part of any collection.

No matter what your collection looks like or what your favorite model is, any of the wonderful models in the Vintage Outlet will make your collection that much more special! Bring home a special piece today!


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