Breyer Horse Holiday: Jewel The Holiday Horse

November 29, 2010

The crisp air is blowing through and frost is on ground, the seasons are changing and the holidays are rolling in. As happens every year, Breyer has rolled out an entire line of beautiful Breyers that can make their way into your home this holiday season, including, Jewel, the official holiday horse of 2010!

This fantastic warmblood is a nice change from the typical holiday horse featuring a beautiful buckskin coat, in the past the favorite color of Breyer holiday horses has been a shade of grey. This stunning buckskin color is very deep and vibrant and his black mane and tail create a stark contrast that makes him truly pop! This model is done on the Show Jumping Warmblood mold that has seen many different colors but never one like this! This mold also features two mold variations, one with a braided mane and tail and one with a loose mane and tail. Jewel is featured on the loose mane and tail version giving him a sense of being wild and free!

His name isn’t Jewel for nothing, his beautiful costume is adored with jewels all over. This stunning outfit begins with a bejeweled bridle that is covered nearly entirely with rhinestones. The reins are beaded with white and crystal beads that cascade through his mane as well. Large tear drop crystals hang from the strings of beads that trail down his neck and mane. His costume is something of holiday delight. With and elegant scroll shape, his green and red costume is truly a sight to be seen. With golden embroidery throughout the entirety of the costume, Jewel is the king of the party. His green costume is lined with thick golden trim that features jeweled crystals appliqued on. Even the green fabric is emblazoned with crystal jewels throughout the embroidery. The seat of the costume is red and bright with a rolled saddle horn and golden and jeweled accents. The same jewels that create the reins trail down in strands covering the tail of the horse creating an amazing sparkle! A festive golden base finishes off Jewel and with that he’s ready to gallop into your home.

Visit Golden Oak Stables today for all your holiday needs and bring home a bit of the season today!


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