Breyer Horse Collecting: Keeping your models clean!

It doesn’t matter if you have one horse or a thousand, your collection tends to collect dust! You also might find that your horses will collect dirt in other ways, or you purchase a model second hand and it didn’t come to you as clean as a new horse might.  If this has ever happened to you, there’s no need to be apprehensive; cleaning a model is simple and easy to do!

Dusting is probably the biggest need that you’ll ever have in caring for your collection. There is no real harm in leaving dust on your collection, but it certainly looks nicer, especially on glossy models, to have them dust free. Depending on your collection size, this can be a daunting task. One choice is to put the horses in a cabinet behind glass. The glass will keep them virtually dust free as well as providing some protection from every day.

For those ponies you can’t put behind glass, dusting is necessary. Do not use any polishes or cleaners on your models. Furniture spray is going to change the finish of your model, which is a bad idea. It was once acceptable to polish your models with this, which creates a glossier finish which was desirable for live showing. This is highly discouraged today and not acceptable for showing or resale. It is a good idea to stay away from this. One of the simplest ways to dust your models is using the canned air normally used for electronics. This way you won’t have to move any of your models or put them back! You can also use commonly used methods to dust your horses like a feather duster or a clean cloth.

Washing them is much more simple. For models that might have a little dirt on them, a few drops of dishwashing soap added to a few cups of water will make a good soap mixture and can be used on a rag to wipe off any dirt. For models that might have a little more dirt or perhaps some paint added on after the model left the factory, Lestoil is a cleaning solution that will take nearly anything off a model and leave the original finish. Use a highly diluted solution and soak your model for an hour or so and repeat if necessary.

Plastic models might not have the same upkeep as their real life counterparts, but they still require a little cleaning now and again. With the tips above though, this can be a simple and easy task. Good luck!


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