Breyer Horse Collecting: Getting Creative Around The House!

What does your stable look like? You probably have a myriad of horses, maybe a barn, some saddles and things like that, right? Well you can fill that stable with things around your home that will make your horses happy as can be! Its not only that, there are things all over your house that you can use for your Breyers!

In the stable yard you might be surprised to know that you can find lots of things that with a little creativity make great items for your models! One of my favorites is the bag that you find whole garlic in, this little mesh bag can be tied up to make a fantastically realistic hay net! If you’d like to fill that net, shredded small animal bedding can double as not only feed but also as bedding for your horse.

For you western buffs, you can take an old soup can (or three!), remove the labels and paint them up to make barrels for your favorite western games. These are in perfect scale for most Traditional horses and can even be used in live shows competitively! If you’ve got a model with a taste for speed, a carefully cut pipe cleaner can be bent over the noseband of a bridle to make a padded nose band for those racing events, or you can make an easy shipping halter too! Just make sure not to leave any sharp edges, they can scratch you model!

If you have an eye for photography, a simple blue cloth can be used as a beautiful backdrop to create some stunning images! Pair this with a bit of dirt on a hard surface and you’ll have a photo ready to win in any photoshow! Remember to use even lighting, sitting a model by a window will help you get some sun, but just make sure it isn’t direct light!

Speaking of light, do you have a model that isn’t quite as bright as it could be? Even the yellowest model can be fixed with something we all have right at our fingertips, sunlight! Sitting a model in a bright window can brighten a model up in a matter of days, weeks or months depending on the model and the intensity of the sunlight. Keep an eye on your model though, colors can fade along with the yellow in the sunlight.

Head on over to Golden Oak Stables to fill your stable with all the models and accessories you might need, and then get creative!


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