Breyer Horse Collecting: Who is your Favorite?

November 7, 2010

What makes a Breyer special? The attention to detail? The stunning realism? The variety of breeds? All of these things make Breyer different and special from every other model horse out there, but is there one in your collection that stands out? One that warms your heart when you think about it?

We all have a special horse or two in our collection that creates an emotion, one or two that reminds us of a special time or a special memory. Many of us fondly remember our first Breyer. Was your first handed down to you from a parent, friend or family member? Many collectors have found their way into the hobby through a friend or family member and often models are handed down from one to another. These models obviously find a special place in the heart of the collectors and its easy to see why.

What about that special horse that you’ve pined over for years upon years? Perhaps a rare model that you been waiting to find? What about that model that you imagined under your Christmas tree or begged for as a birthday gift? That rare and coveted model often finds a place in the heart of the collector after the chase. The chase is one of the most exciting parts of collecting, collecting all the horses of your dreams can often be difficult and sometimes a bit frustrating, but it makes the prize that much sweeter.

Many collectors find ways of remembering special events through their models. On vacation, bringing home a model is a fun way to remember a special trip. A trip to the beach and a model to remember, or bringing home a race horse from your trip to the Kentucky Derby is a poignant way to  both collect and remember your trip!

So what is your favorite model? What makes it special? My favorite model is a bit of all of the above categories. On my first trip to Breyerfest in 1994 I purchased one horse: a model by the name of Gem Twist, a famous show jumper. I pined over him for quite some time. As time went on we had some wonderful times galloping around my carpet corral and now each time I look at him I’m filled with great memories of my collection and from my first trip to Breyerfest.

So what makes your favorite model special?


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