Breyer Horse New Releases: New Models for 2011!

October 28, 2010

The air is crisp and October is nearly over, and  with the changing of season comes new releases from Breyer for 2011. These pre-release models will be ready for Christmas giving and are some of the most exciting models that Breyer has released in quite a long time! With famous horses and beautiful gift sets, there’s a new release for just about everyone!

Kripton Seni II is one of  the USEF 2009 Horses of Honor. This bay Andalusian stallion was imported to California by way of Spain in 2004. Standing 16.3 hands high he has won 12 national championships and 8 reserves! He’s done on the wonderful Andalusian mold sculpted by Kathleen Moody and is full of excitement and spirit!

CG Valentine and Heartbreaker is a mare and foal set beyond compare. Valentine is a champion hunter mare owned by Barbara Kearny. This pair are the first release on the Gisele and Gilen molds. The first time released as a regular run in plastic, this pair is beyond compare and will sure to be a favorite for years to come. Sculpted by the German artist Brigitte Eberl, this pair has quickly become popular and is one of the most bio-mechanically correct sculpts Breyer has ever produced! Sure to stir up the show ring!

For those of you that made it to Breyerfest this year you have heard the hooves of the amazing Priefert hitch! For 2011 Breyer is releasing the Wheel horse, Kong! This large Percheron stallion is done on the Wixom mold and is black as can be with a striking white blaze! This 19 hand high horse is stubborn as can be but very clearly the leader of the pack. He earns the nick name “Donkey Kong” from his owners for this stubborn streak!

There are many other new releases already for 2011, take a gallop over to Golden Oak Stables to check out the line and to pick out a new horse today!


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