Real Life Breyer Horses: Three Day Eventing at the WEG!

October 7, 2010

This past weekend was a weekend full of tough competition at the FEI World Equestrian Games. Three day eventing is one of the most popular equestrian discipline and it brought out fans that packed the stands of each event and some of Breyer’s brightest stars were there in all their glory!


Thursday and Friday began the first leg of the event with Dressage. Dressage is a bit like dancing on horseback and shows the relationship of man and horse. 79 competitors would compete in the two days that would make up the Dressage portion and Germany, Belgium, Italy and The United States’ riders wuold rank at the top of the list.

Saturday was the second leg in three day eventing, Cross Country. This exhilarating sport shows the endurance and ability of a horse to make his way through a course made out of natural elements. Horses are expected to take this 3-4 mile course at quick speed and also negotiate their way over obstacles such as jumps and water elements along the way. This competition left France, Canada, Great Britain and the United States at the top of the charts for the day, but there is still one day left!

Sunday brought the finale of three day eventing, the Show Jumping portion. This final leg of the competition requires precision, speed, grace and endurance to ride and jump over very high obstacles with as few faults as possible and in the quickest amount of time. This event typically makes or breaks a rider as scores from all three days are averaged to choose the winner. This event is so popular not only because of the excitement but also because it requires so much from a horse and rider. These horses and riders are very talented and diversified to be able to compete in a rigorous event such as this.

At the end of the third day, Great Britain would take home the gold, Canada took home the silver and New Zealand took home the bronze! Just six points off of the podium, The United States came in a close fourth!

One of the most recognizable riders on the American team is Karen O’Connor, who is as close to eventing royalty as they come and her mounts have been created  by Breyer time and time again. Truly a world class rider, Karen O’Connor and her mount Mandiba helped to bring the USA as close as possible to that podium!



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