Real Life Breyer Horses: Steffen Peter and Ravel Make History At The WEG!

Yesterday marked a page in American equestrian history! For the first time ever, an American won his way up to the podium in the individual dressage competition at the WEG!

Dressage competitions are commonly dominated by European teams which have hundreds of years of history with the sport. Steffen Peters, a German-American that came to train in the United States in the 1980’s, and Ravel, his faithful mount, gave the Europeans a run for their money this time around! This duo is one of the most successful Dressage pairs that America has ever had! Winning time and time again at world class competitions is this team’s specialty and in the Beijing they missed the bronze medal by mere points!

Steffen and Ravel got what they were due on Wednesday with their amazing ride in Lexington Kentucky. With a score of 78.542 this dream team rode an amazing ride and made their way into the history books on their home turf! Not to be outdone, the Netherlands came home with a huge score of 85.708 to bring home the gold and Great Britain was awarded silver with a a 81.708, two amazing scores!

After the ride, Steffen noted noted how good his ride felt and how happy he was with the ride and how well Ravel performed. Upon standing on the podium he noted his overwhelming emotion from the disappointment with the fourth place finish in Beijing. Steffen and Ravel were finally awarded that Bronze medal that has eluded them since Beijing.

You can bring home half of this dream team from Golden Oak Stables! Ravel is recreated on Breyer’s new Idocus mold. This portrait of a now champion can come home and live in your stable as the champion he is! This beautiful warmblood stands tall with a stately expression ready to perform for his faithful mount.

Breyer’s stable of champions is a wonderful place to start filling your stable. Creating champions is Breyer’s specialty, but even then, you can still add your favorite backyard pony to your stable! With Breyer and Golden Oak Stables, you can live the dream of a world class rider!


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