Real Life Breyer Horses: Zenyatta The Fastest Filly In The Land

The fastest filly in the land goes by a name that burns an impression in your mind: Zenyatta! This fantastic filly is busy working hard to pave the way for fillies to come.

Winning all 18 of her 18 starts, this amazing mare has created fans where ever she goes. Winning 18 out of 18 is unheard of in the racing world and this lady’s record has done nothing but create love for a filly that deserves all the publicity. Known for her “jig” as she gets in the gate, Zenyatta is a huge 17.2 hands tall at her shoulder and towers over many of the colts in the field!

Born on April 1st, 2004, this six year old is still running strong and is even starting to cause waves with her relatives. This weekend was the annual Thoroughbred sale at Keeneland Racetrack in Lexington, Kentucky. This colt is out of the half-sister to Zenyatta and brought a stunning $4.2 Million dollars at the auction!

Zenyatta is primarily ridden by the amazing talent of the jockey Mike Smith. Mike is a star in his own right, as one of the most successful jockey’s of all time, Mike knows a winner when he sees one! He is also the star of the Animal Planet show “Jockeys”.

Golden Oak Stables is proud to offer a beautiful replica of this history making mare by Breyer. Created on the Lonesome Glory mold. Zenyatta is created in striking realism in traditional scale. This stunning dark bay girl is the spitting image of the real Zenyatta. With her flirty and spirited pose she’s just waiting to get into the starting gate and break away from the crowd. Her two rear socks are reproduced in stunning detail with her tiny bay spots not forgotten! Her bright white blaze lights up her face and makes her visible all the way down the home stretch!

The Lonesome Glory mold is one of the most realistic and conformationally correct Thoroughbred models produced by Breyer and this color on the mold is no exception. The Zenyatta model is bound to become not only a favorite model for many but also a top show horse for others!

A once in a life time filly like Zenyatta is truly befitting of being immortalized by Breyer, bring one back to your stable today!


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