Breyer Horse Accessories: New Pickup Truck and Trailer!

Breyer helps us create a world in which we can live out our real horse fantasies through their model counterparts. From famous racehorses to back yard ponies, the world of horses is wide in the Breyer line, but there are also a wide variety of realistic and accurate accessories to make your stable yard just a real as the real one!

New for fall 2010, the new Pickup Truck and Trailer are ready for any heavy duty hauling you might have at your barn. The Dullay (or dual wheeled) truck is the spitting image of its 2500lb counterpart. It is perfectly recreated with opening doors to let your riders in the driver’s seat and passenger seat. From the driver’s seat Brenda Breyer can turn the steering wheel and move the front wheels to direct the truck. There is also a working hitch in the back and the tailgate opens and closes for all your heavy hauling. If you happen to have any trouble, the front hood opens up to get to the engine if need be. The 2010 edition comes in a stunning paint scheme of green and yellow making it pop on the road! With a chestnut horse decal on the truck doors it is ready to head off to the local horse show!

The 2010 release of the two horse trailer is a striking match to the new truck. This beautiful show transport is just as luxurious as the ones that transport your favorite equestrian stars. With four working wheels it easily attaches to your pickup truck and can be towed easily. It features a front door for checking on your horses along the way and filling their hay net! The back doors are split in two with a ramp on the bottom to easily move horses in and out and top barn style doors on top. It matches the new pickup truck with the yellow and green theme and also has a large decal of that same chestnut horse one the side.

Visit Golden Oak Stables today to see the full line of Breyer accessories to fill your barn or to ready you and your mounts for an upcoming show. Everything from Saddles to Stables are available to help you create your dream stable today!


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