Breyer Horse Collections: What Can You Do To Grow Your Collection?

August 23, 2010

Collections of any kind are meant to grow. It can be hard to grow your collection if you don’t have unlimited income, like most collectors, but finding creative ways to bring new members to your herd can not only be fun but it can also be rewarding.

One of the easiest things you can do to add a little bit of hobby income into your wallet is to cut down on your unneeded expenses. Things like eating fast food and grabbing a coffee every day can add up quick; cutting this out only a few days out of the month can add up quickly! By the end of the month you’ll probably have enough for a new traditional model! If you did that every month you’d have 12 new models for your collection!

Another thing you can do is pick up a little extra work here and there, like walking a neighbor’s dog or babysitting a neighbor. Picking up a few extra hours here or there doing an odd job is a fun way to bring in a few extra bucks! You’ll get a little variety in your life and have something to do while making money for your models!

Many hobbyists find that they have talents in the hobby that they can share with others and fund much of their hobby with. There are dozens of talented tack makers that create custom miniature tack for models. Many others custom paint model horses for others using a wide variety of mediums. Even more creative people find different ways to make a hit in the model horse hobby. Creating custom pouches for transportation and storage of models is one of the more creative ideas. Others create custom websites for model horse hobbyists to showcase their collections on the internet.

Finding a niche is not hard to do, nor is making a a few extra dollars by saving or working a few extra hours. Its an easy and quick way to find yourself with a much fuller wallet when it comes to model horse shopping.

When your chores are done and your saddles are shipped out to your customers, pay a visit to Golden Oak Stables where you can fill your stable with just about anything your heart desires.  From Arabians to Clydesdales and everything in between, there’s a new model for you, or 12!


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