Real Life Breyer Horses: Fall World Equestrian Games Releases!

August 19, 2010

In only a few very short weeks the World Equestrian Games will roll into Lexington Kentucky for what will be the largest and most important horse event to ever happen in America. Breyer is the official model horse maker of the events and has created tons of wonderful products to commemorate the famous horses, the events and the spirit of the games and there are even more to come!

One of the most exciting releases is Sapphire, the show jumping champion ridden by McLain Ward. Created on the Gem Twist mold, this portrait of the show stopping show jumper is done in a beautiful likeness of the mare. One of the most detailed models in the current Breyer line, Sapphire features a beautiful paint job right down to the highly detailed socks and hooves!

Breyer has created the icon of the WEG’s not only in plastic but also in a black bisque porcelain. Esprit has been created using the finest black bisque to create a stark black version of this model that is stunning and elegant. He is attached to a base making him easy for display and is limited to only 2010 pieces.

You can bring home the beautiful work of LeRoy Neiman that he has created for the WEGs on a ceramic version of the popular Big Ben. This commemorative edition is traditional scale and is bright and colorful featuring artwork of the games. All of the disciplines are represented in this beautiful piece of art and the horse is finished on a base to complete the piece.

For a little bit of fun, there are several models created with play in mind. How about a set of WEG Mini Whinnies for you to create your own WEG’s? ThereĀ  is even a Mini Whinnie WEG Trailer Set for your to transport to and from the Kentucky Horse Park! English lovers can compete with the WEG Classic English Set featuring a model, tack and rider! There’s also a set for Western Lovers with the WEG Classic Western Set where you can be a champion reiner!

That’s not all! There’s even more WEG models, accessories and sets available from Golden Oak Stables!

Even if you can’t make it to Kentucky for the WEG, you can still bring the spirit of the games home thanks to Golden Oak Stables and Breyer!


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