Real Life Breyer Horses: Rest In Peace O’Leary’s Irish Diamond

August 12, 2010

With a very heavy heart I have some very tragic news to bring you. During his travel to and from Breyerfest, O’Leary’s Irish Diamond picked up a virus. He developed inflammation in his small intestine (Enteritis) and then developed pneumonia. According to many close to Diamond it all happened very quickly and the choice was made to put him down on August 7th.

O’Leary’s Irish Diamond was a world class horse with an exceptional career that any horse would be proud of. As one of, if not the most successful Irish Draught Stallion in the country he took the country and world by storm wherever he went. He was the first American tested Irish Draught stallion to ever be approved.

For those of us who got the chance to meet him at Breyerfest, he was simply a gentleman. With great manners and exceptional beauty he was the star of the show. The huge grey stallion stood out the entire weekend with his grace and astonishing beauty. He performed with the ease of any world class horse and made it very clear that he was in heaven with hundreds of adoring fans. Performing and meeting fans alike he loved every moment of it and seemed to be in love with every ounce of attention he was given.




While we have lost a great horse, we are very lucky that he can live on through the Breyer model that was created in his likeness. We all can have a small bit of O’Leary’s Irish Diamond in our hearts for some time to come.

We are all very lucky to have gotten to experience this wonderful horse through his model. Our hearts go out to his owner Melissas Cason-Kinney and all those who were close with him.

If you’d like to read a bit more about O’Leary’s Irish Diamond, take a look at Golden Oak Stable’s Stable News article written about him earlier this year.


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