Breyer Horse Collecting: What’s Your Style?

August 9, 2010

Each year Golden Oak Stables and Breyer bring us hundreds of different models. The vast majority of us have to choose a few from this huge selection a few horses to add to our herd. What draws us to certain models is hard to distinguish, but taking a look at what you do collect might help you pick your future stable champions!

What makes a stable of champions? Well that could mean anything from a stable of top live show winners to a stable of well loved and cherished play things. The wonderful thing about Breyers is that you can fill your stable with whatever you want. Take a moment to look at your horses; Any patterns that you can see? Are there a lot of dapple greys? Maybe there are a lot of draft horses. What about size, do you have a lot of Stablemates? There probably is some consistency if you look hard enough. Maybe you are attracted to horses all sculpted by the same sculptor. Some collectors only collect a few certain molds and go out of their way to keep their collections of this mold complete. This is a fun way to keep track of a collection as well as keeping your collection very manageable.

What about a completely different take on things. Maybe you only have Arabians, one breed that attracts you to the model version of this beloved breed. If you collect all of one breed, is this your favorite breed? Chances are the answer is yes! Part of the wonder of collecting model horses is that we can have a stable full of dozens if not hundreds of horses in one room, without the worries of feed, board, care, cleaning not to mention exercising a stable this size!

So what does all this have to do with collecting? In a wonderful way as collectors we have built our own champion stables piece by piece, hand selected our own broodmares and stallions, futurity champion foals and lovable riding companions. We keep old nags, donkeys, feisty mustangs and unicorns all in our stables when these horses in real life may be far from reach.

Now take a look at your stable, have you filled your stable with the horses of your fantasy? The horses you dreamed about as child (Or an adult for that matter!). Chances are yes, we fill our stables with horses we can only dream of. What a more wonderful hobby we are all a part of!


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