Keeping Your Breyer Horse Collection Under Control!

Collections are meant to grow, that is one of the many reasons collectors collect: to amass a collection! Without proper care a collection can quickly grow out of control, which can become a problem not only for sanity’s sake but also for the sake of keeping your collection safe.

There are literally thousands of different Breyer horses; collecting even a portion of them can be quite the accomplishment. But collecting Breyers isn’t the hard part; keeping track of them is. In my personal collection I have somewhere between 1500-1700 horses, in here lies the problem. Learn from my example, and take the time to begin organization early. I began my organization process when my collection was not only well into the quadruple digits but also was in two locations hundreds of miles apart.

You see, having a record of what you have can benefit you in countless ways. The most important is that in the case of an emergency or loss of your collection you have a record of what you have. Emergencies happen and in the case of one an inventory or photographic evidence can help ease the pain of loosing something so dear.

An inventory can also help save you money too. Knowing which models you already have will help so that you don’t purchase a horse which you’ve already bought. Collections that number large in size can grow out of hand easily and horses often get forgotten, especially if has been a long period of time since that purchase.

If you do choose to do an inventory you should include not only the name of the model, but also record where, when and how much you paid for your model. This helps in many ways; first of all, recording the price will help you learn how your collection grows in value. Recording when and where you purchase is great provenance for the future, especially for rare or hard to find models. Should you ever sell a horse you may be asked who the previous owner was to authenticate it, especially with rare and hard to find models. It also is just a great idea to keep track of this so that you can remember how you got them!

So start a list today of your models and don’t wait until they are out of control. So the next time you order a new horse from Golden Oak Stables, make a note of it, and protect your collection today!


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