Breyer Model Horses and ELCR

Breyer is a company that frequently contributes to charities very generously. Its contributions to the ELCR, or the Equine Land Conservation Resource, are some of the most prolific ones that they do each year. Contributing to thousands of acres that are conserved due to the sale of a Breyer specially designed for the ELCR, you can help conserve America yourself!

The ELCR was created in 1997 when a group of concerned horse people recognized the need for an organization to protect land for equestrian use. Its a known fact that thousands of acres each year are lost to building and urban sprawl. The ELCR is the only organization in the nation with the goal to protect equestrian land for the future.

Here’s a bit from their website about their goals:

ELCR was founded with the belief that the loss of open land is a great and urgent threat to the future of equestrian activities throughout this country, and that there is a serious need to take action to preserve land for equestrian use. From its inception, ELCR has recognized that if equestrians are to be successful in the effort to stem the loss of open space, they must take two important steps:

  1. Embrace a land conservation focus by educating themselves with regard to key issues and processes related to land conservation, and by making land conservation part of the mission of equestrian organizations.
  2. Establish partnerships with individuals and groups outside of their own equestrian constituency, particularly with those groups that represent the conservation community.

Golden Oak Stables has a way that you can help! Breyer’s 2010 ELCR model is a beautiful glossy red dun on the Lady Phase mold. The Lady Phase mold has seen a myriad of colors, but this glossy girl really stands out in a sea of bays, pintos and greys! A rare glossy regular run, the 2010 ELCR model is a calm stock horse mare that would be the perfect trail mount for any rider, novice to expert. Limited to production in 2010, this model is bound to be a favorite for years to come!

Conserving American land for the future is an important cause that Breyer has brought attention to, why not support it in the best way possible? By bringing home a new Breyer horse today!


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