Does your Breyer Horse have a hole in it’s head?

Strange question to ask, no? But did you know that all Traditonal, Classic and Paddock Pal scaled horses should have a hole somewhere?

Breyer Horses are made of molded plastic, a type of plastic that lends itself well to flexibility when heat is applied. You also may have notice that Breyer Traditionals, Classics and Paddock Pals are all hollow in some parts. The legs, heads, tails and mane will almost always be solid, but the bodies and necks are mostly hollow.

Now what does this have to do with the hole? Well take a look at your Breyer horses, particularly in the nostril and mouth corners… You should see a hole. This is easily the most misunderstood characteristic on a Breyer. Many people are stunned to find a hole in their brand new Breyer horse, and think it is a defect, but in all reality its there to keep your horse in the condition that it came to you in.


Vent hole in nostril


Vent hole in mouth corner

You see, a very logical thing happens if you have a horse without a hole. This whole could also be called a vent, and that might put two and two together for you. This hole is there to prevent changes in your model from heat! If a Breyer is exposed to extreme temperatures without a vent it will do the logical thing, bloat up like a balloon. This can happen fairly quickly too, if you’ve ever customized a Breyer you might know how easy it is to apply a little heat and move a leg or tail, well its just as easy to get a horse to bloat up. The worst part is that once bloating has occurred nothing can be done to reverse it.


Bloated Foal


Notice bloated neck and body.

This is such an integral part of a Breyer horse that customizers are starting to put their own vent holes in horses that don’t have one. The vast majority of newer models have the vent, so it isn’t anything you should worry about, older Breyers are more likely to escape the factory without the vent. If you happen to have a vintage without a vent, just be sure to keep it in a climate controlled place without extreme temperatures and it should be just fine.

While it may be a bit weird looking, a hole in the mouth or nose is completely integral to your Breyer Horse. So next time you get a new horse from Golden Oak Stables check out the little vent hole your horse has, and be happy its there!


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